Rules of good behaviors in the village

Inside the the Village of Transylvania FREE everyone must observe a few but essential rules, that will be accepted at the entrance during the subscription of the the forms.

- The entrance is allowed ONLY to people OVER 18 years (so ONLY to ADULTS)

- Identity documents are requested at the entrance.
Inside the village everything is allowed (within the limits of the rules of common sense and laws) but nothing is binding.

- Everything can be asked with education but noone isforced to do anything if not willing to do. The entrance to the Village does not mean having the permission to pretend our needs or claims.

- Discretion, good education, cleanness, respect forthe people that are inside the structure are all indispensable rules to respect for a good community living.

- All the guests that assume bad, rude, arrogant or harassing attitudes will be immediately removed by our local security, without any claim of refund of the booked services or of the services payed in advance.

- Transylvania FREE is a meeting point for people who want to try emotions, passions and intriguing fantasies, aimed to live an open culture and modern way to live their lives.

- Attitudes of jealousy must be left outside the Village. Being here means that the person has accepted this way of living.

- The Staff of the Village is there to help all the guests to guide them and to help them to feel comfortable with their libertine sex life experience. Never hesitate to ask their help for every necessity or problem or for something not clear to be explained.

- The Staff is there for the guests for every administration issue but not for personal involvements; they can IN NO WAY participate or interact with the visitors of the village.

Other rules

- Nudism is allowed exclusively in the allowed areas of the village.
- Nudism is forbidden in the restaurant, barbecue and in the playground area. In these areas dress code is needed.
- For hygienic reasons it is strictly forbidden to have sex inside the pool or in the whirlpools.
- It is strictly forbidden to use cams that films any of the guests of the village.
- The Belongings should be left in the special safe-deposit boxes. The Management and/or the Staff will NOT be responsable for the eventual losses or lack of responsabilities of each guest.
- Please keep a soft voice tone in the dedicated areas of the Hotel.
- Our advice is to avoid any kind of comments on the other guests of the village.
- Inside the village you will find containers with free condoms of the best quality.

Respecting these few but necessary good habit rules our journey together can start in the best way.

Thank You from
The Staff of Transylvania FREE

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